Jorf Phosphate Hub

OCP is creating the JPH Zone at Jorf Lasfar that will provide DI partners with access to a reliable, high-quality source of phosphate rock, combined with fully integrated low total-cost- to-market fertilizer production facilities.

The opportunity will require DI partners to enter into the following contractual agreements:

  • Land lease with OCP
  • Rock supply with OCP
  • Services and utilities with JPH SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

OCP is investing in new mining and beneficiation capacity to sustainably supply an additional 20 Mt of phosphate rock capacity. The JPH zone will function as a “plug and play” with utilities and services provided by OCP for its DI partners.

Each potential DI partner will have the opportunity to invest in and fully own a 450,000 t P2O5 DAP complex to produce 950,000 t/a DAP and/or MAP and with the possibility of making NPK in the same unit to be built on one of the available slots.  OCP intends to provide the infrastructure for ten “plug and play” slots to meet future demand growth for phosphate fertilizer. Up to four slots are being made available in the first phase.

OCP has awarded an engineering, procurement and construction management contract for a 1 million tonne fertiliser plant to its JESA – a  joint venture with U.S.-based Jacobs Engineering Group. While Jacobs is in a JV with OCP, KEMWorks offers independent consulting and advice:

KEMWorks can offer you:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Bankable Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Estimates
  • Technology  selection
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Assistance with selection of Moroccan contactors

For more information contact Marten Walters.

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