Our Story

KEMWorks was founded in 1995 by Tim Kendron, Chris Earl, Vince Margiotti, and Marten Walters who had all worked for major contractors and phosphate production companies.  Our aim in the company was to be more ingenious, agile, have the minimum of bureaucracy, and to be responsive to our clients needs.

Today we specialize in Phosphate Project Development for the phosphate mining, beneficiation, and fertilizer industries. We have a technical staff capable of providing an extensive range of services including: due-diligence and plant audits; feasibility studies; beneficiation, phosphoric acid and fertilizer testing; process technology development; and project delivery.

Since 1995 we have completed over 500 projects in 30 countries for over 100 clients including most of the major phosphate producers, and many developers of new phosphate projects.

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