Phosphate Testing Projects




Celamin Tunisia Chaketma Project: Bench-scale beneficiation tests.
Cominco Resources DR Congo Hinda Project: Bench-scale beneficiation  tests. Carbonatite, fluorapatite (francolite).
Gadde Bissik Senegal Solubility tests for direct application rock
GB Minerals Guinea-Bissau Farim Project: Bench-scale beneficiation tests and supervision of pilot plant tests. Apatite with siliceous or pyritized layers.
Phosphoric acid pilot plant tests.
Legend International Australia Continuous Dihydrate test and production of DAP samples for marketing purposes.
Malec Sal Senegal Phosphoric acid pilot plant tests in Dihydrate (DH), hemi-hydrate (HH), hemi-dihydrate (HDH) modes. SSP, DAP, MAP batch tests.
Minemakers Australia Wonarah Phosphate Project: Supervision of beneficiation pilot plant tests in Australia.
Pulse Designs Senegal SOMIVA Phosphate Project: Bench-scale beneficiation tests.
Sunkar Kazakhstan Chilisai Feasibility Study:
Bench-scale beneficiation tests. carbonate-substituted apatite (fracolite).
Continuous Dihydrate phosphoric acid tests (total 7 tests), MAP, DAP, MER reduction. Test effect of rock grind on performance.
Vale Peru Bayóvar II Project:
Bench-scale beneficiation tests.
Phosphoric acid pilot plant tests – dihydrate (DH), hemihydrate (HH) for a total of five continuous runs. SSP, TSP, and mono- and di-calcium phosphates (MCP/DCP) for animal feeds.
Vale Moçambique Evate Project:
Bench- and Pilot Plant-scale beneficiation tests with carbonatite/regolith ore.
Continuous Dihydrate and Hemi-hydrate phosphoric acid tests with beneficiated carbonatite/regolith rock
Viru Keemia Grupp Estonia Maardu Project: Bench-scale beneficiation tests.


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