Project Delivery

Our services focus on project definition or Front-End Loading (FEL) phase of the project. Research by Independent Project Analysis has shown that FEL is one of the most significant drivers of project success. “Well-defined projects cost less, take less time to execute, and operate better. The project definition process establishes a framework for aligning the project objectives with the business goals and ensures that business objectives are translated into project objectives.”


We have been very successful in meeting the particular challenges of revamps in existing plants.

Using a project-based team model we provide a cost effective and flexible approach for all sizes of projects.

FEL-1 Scoping Study / Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design deliverables:

  • Project description
  • Process design basis
  • Block Flow Diagrams
  • Order-of magnitude cost estimate

FEL-2 Feasibility Study / Preliminary Engineering

A Feasibility Study is a preliminary study that will produce the information required for Preliminary Engineering. Design deliverables will typically include:

  • Design basis with main process parameters defined (overall plant production requirements etc.)
  • Process Flow Diagrams,
  • Equipment List
  • Plot plant showing plant areas, buildings to define overall space requirements
  • Preliminary Cost Estimate.

KEMWorks can provide these deliverables as part of a Phosphate Development Project.

FEL-3 Project Definition / Front End Engineering Design

Project Definition is the development of a well defined design package to in order to prove the feasibility and the cost estimate developed from Conceptual Design. Furthermore this is the start up package for Detailed Design. In many cases this package may also be used as a tender package for a Design/Construction Contract. Typical deliverables will include:

  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • P&ID’s
  • Process simulations/ calculations as required to complete the above.
  • Equipment Lists
  • Line Lists
  • Instrument lists
  • Site Plans
  • Plot Plan’s
  • Preliminary Equipment specifications (datasheets)
  • Other overall layouts which may impact process design (e.g. Hazardous area classification drawings, Fire zone layouts which may dictate shut down valve requirements etc.)
  • Budget Cost Estimate

All of these drawings should preferably be finalized to status AFD (Approved For Design) which means that they are completed in all aspects except for what will be decided in the Detailed Design phase (vents/drains, vendor data etc.) Depending on project/company strategy, it may well be decided to issue the BD package for a Bankable Feasibility Study with a level of completion lower than AFD.

For piping layout design, the Basic Engineering phase will include mainly piping studies which are conducted in order to:

  • prove the overall layout
  • define space requirements for main pipe racks
  • define basic routing of distribution headers so these can be sized.

This level of detail in the piping layout may not be required for a BFS.

KEMWorks can provide these deliverables as part of a Phosphate Development Project.

Engineering and Construction

All further design is developed until it reaches AFC status (Approved for Construction).

For process design (assuming the Basic Engineering outcome was status AFD) remaining work will be limited to verifying that the actual piping layout, the equipment purchased etc is in line with the present process design and incorporate any updates required. Typically procurement of main equipment takes place during the detailed design stage and this requires interaction from the process engineer as well as other disciplines.

In addition to the above comes all the electrical, instrumentation, structural, building, and architectural works.

KEMWorks’ role in this phase may be to provide detailed design of certain key items of equipment, for example phosphoric acid plant reactors, flash coolers, and scrubbers. It may also provide design reviews for the client or detailed engineering contractor.


We can help draw your project to a start by assisting with commissioning and start-up, Operating and Maintenance Manuals, and Training. We can offer follow to improve operations with technical audits.

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