Operational Audits

KEMWorks process and operations experts can provide an audit of your entire operation from a business and technical aspect. We are fully experienced in mineral processing, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and granular fertilizer operations. Our team will provide you the basis for improved plant performance.

  • Comparison to industry norms
  • Problem analysis and solutions
  • Operation and maintenance training
  • Pollution control assessments
  • Recommendations for process improvements
  • Target the “low-fruit” projects

Our audit report will make specific recommendations and typically categorizes potential improvements into three types:

  • The first category can be implemented almost immediately and at low cost. These may include changing an operating condition, maintenance techniques, or management organization. These projects can have a very high rate of return, often paying back in months or even weeks.
  • The second category consists of small projects that can often be implemented by the client at small cost and moderate engineering effort.
  • The third category are larger projects that show promising benefits but need further study before a decision to proceed is made.

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