Due Diligence

Our staff combines managerial expertise, technical capabilities, and common-sense financial and business knowledge to provide comprehensive consulting services to assist our clients in meeting their objectives.

Although due diligence is routinely performed when acquiring or selling a business, it’s often conducted quickly and is narrowly focusing on how a company has historically performed technically and financially.  In other words, businesses focus on the past rather than the future of the combined companies.
Traditional financial, legal, and environmental due diligence is crucial to the success of any acquisition; however, we’ve found it insufficient in predicting the long-term success of a transaction.  Instead we recommend a multidisciplinary approach.  In addition to financial due diligence, businesses should focus on four other, sometimes neglected, areas of due diligence: strategy, information technology (IT), operations, and human capital, including the organization’s culture.

Our Due Diligence team comprises experts in mining and beneficiation, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and fertilizers, and company management.

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