KEMWorks offers process technology for a range of fertilizer products. These technologies are well proven with dozens of reference plants in South America.

Granular MAP/DAP/TSP

Features of the technology:

  • JPipe reactor techniques commercialized since 1986. The JPipe reactor functions alone for MAP and in conjunction with a preneutralizer for DAP at high capacities.
  • Single train plant up to 200 tonnes/hour DAP or MAP.
  • Optimization of water balance provides flexibility of acid strength and source.
  • An Advanced Recycle Control System (ARCS) reduces the recycle ratio by about 30% compared with conventional processes resulting in lower capital cost.
  • Fuel and electricity consumption reduced by about 25% compared with conventional processes.
  • Simplicity in operation leads to lower maintenance costs.

With increasing fuel and raw material prices, the economics of producing granulation products has been adversely affected. We can also offer a number of proven methods to modify granulation plants to reduce energy costs, including warm-air recycle, waste heat ammonia vaporizers, and bulk flow cooling.

Fertlizer - DAP

Powder (ROP) SSP/TSP

Features of the technology:

  • Designs are available from 10 to 130 t/h using Belt-Den technology.
  • Operations since 1984 with direct dilution of the 98% H2SO4 with either water or H2SiF6.
  • No liquid effluents when diluting with H2SiF6. • The turbine mixer-belt den combination produces a low density, porous product that is easy to granulate.
  • For SSP permits operation with rock slimes or ground phosphate rock in the form of slurry with H2SiF6 from the scrubbing system.


Granular NPKS with micronutrients

Features of the technology:

  • Standard designs available from 10 to 100 t/h.
  • Flexibility in raw material source: ROP SSP and TSP, DAP, MAP, Urea, Ammonium Sulfate, and Potash.
  • An improvement method to accurate fortify the fertilizer with micronutrients, including: Zinc, Boron, Copper, and Manganese. • Addition of elemental sulphur for high S grades.
  • An Advanced Recycle Control System (ARCS) minimizes recycle ratio for lower capital cost.
  • No Propriety Equipment for a more competitively priced plant.

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