S0801 – Uranium Recovery from Phosphoric Acid

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Presented at Phosphates 2008, Paris.
Date: February 2008
Authors: Marten Walters, Thomas Baroody and Wes Berry (K-Technologies)

This paper examines different technologies that can be used to extract uranium oxide (U3O8) from phosphoric acid: Solvent extraction (SX) developed in the 1970’s and 1980’s; and Advanced Technology (AT) that offer simpler processing techniques, lesser equipment requirements, and lower capital and operating costs compared with SX.
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P8701 – Phosphogypsum Recycle

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Details: AIChE Annual Meeting; Clearwater, Florida.
Date: May 1987
Authors: T. J. Kendron , J. H. Marten, and G. M. Lloyd

Davy McKee Corporation (DMC) and the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research (FIPR) have developed a process to recover the sulfur values from phosphogypsum and produce a saleable, solid by-product. Freeport McMoRan has announced that they will build and operate a test plant using the DMC/FIPR process at their Uncle Sam phosphate complex in Louisiana.
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